Monday, 3 June 2013

Google announced on Monday that Google Analytics users will soon be able to share and collaborate on dashboards.

“Dashboards give an overview on how your properties are performing, and are even more powerful as you can create dashboards that you and your teammates can see and edit,” writes Google’s Matt Matyas in a blog post. “Dashboard sharing is a nice complement to dashboard template creation: templates enable creating copies of dashboard configurations, and dashboard sharing enables you to collaborate with your team on a single shared dashboard.”

To use the feature, you can create a dashboard or view an existing one,. and click “Share,” where you will find the new “Share Dashboard” option.

“This will make a copy of your dashboard that is available to everyone on the profile,” explains Matyas. “Private dashboards will be grouped together, and shared dashboards will be as can be seen in the report navigation on the left side of Google Analytics.”

The new feature will be rolling out over the course of the coming weeks.


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