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JAMA Psychiatry Study Highlights Ultra high-risk (UHR) patients with schizophrenia appear to be at long-term risk for psychotic disorder, with the highest risk during the first two years after entry to a specialist clinic according to a study by Barnaby Nelson, Ph.D., of the University of Melbourne, Australia. The study included 416 UHR patients in a follow-up of a group of UHR patients who were recruited to participate in research studies between 1993 and 2006. Researchers assessed the transition to psychotic disorder in UHR patients up to 15 years after study entry...
JAMA Surgery Study Highlights A study by Michael R. Cassidy, M.D., and colleagues at the Boston University Medical Center, suggests that I COUGH, a standardized postoperative care program emphasizing patient education, early mobilization, and pulmonary interventions, is associated with reduced risk of postoperative pneumonia and unplanned intubation...

Nothing like a good ‘ole hockey rivalry — on and off the ice.

The Boston Bruins beat the Pittsburgh Penguins 6-1 in Game 2 and took a commanding lead in the Eastern Conference Finals. Fans in Beantown have a lot to celebrate, and they certainly want Pittsburgh supporters to know it. After the win, a few Bruins fans called a Pittsburgh sports bar and asked for "Owen," and hilarity ensued.

Though it might seem a little pompous, it’s a clever prank that will surely keep fans of both sides clashing heads as the teams prepare for Game 3

Watch the video above, and then let us know in the comments below — did you think the prank was clever? Did it cross the line? Read more...

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E3 2013 is still a few days away, but that’s not going to stop Sony from releasing a few trailers of the game it intends to show off at the event.

The first of undoubtedly many is the super charming Puppeteer. The platformer from Sony Japan Studio has been high on my list of most anticipated games of 2013 since it was first announced last year, and we’re almost closing in on its September release date.

As for the trailer, it introduces some new gameplay mechanics as well as some new bosses. Check it out:

Sony is likely to show off some more PS3 games before its official presence at E3 so it can make plenty of room for the PS4. That’s only a good thing, though, as it gives us an even earlier look at what the PS3′s last major year holds in store for us.

Puppeteer will be available exclusively for the PS3 on September 10. To sweeten the deal, the title will only retail for $40.

A woman who lied about finding a finger in her bowl of Wendy’s chili is going back to prison after telling another big fat lie.

Anna Ayala apparently didn’t learn her lesson the first time she lied, even though it got her four years behind bars. This time around, she’s pleading no contest to felony charges stemming from an incident involving her son. She told authorities he was shot in the ankle by two men, but it turns out he accidentally shot himself and had Mom cover for him to avoid being busted for possession of a firearm while on parole. Ayala will receive a two-year prison term in September rather than the four years she might have gotten had she not fessed up early, saving San Jose a lot of money on a trial.

“I understand where the judge is coming from, but I respectfully disagree,” prosecutor Bret Wasley said. “Four years would have been reasonable since she has a history of manipulating the system.”

Ayala is serving time for now with her son, Guadalupe “Junior” Reyes, who was busted anyway for being untruthful about what really happened during the shooting. According to authorities, he blamed two men he had beef with.


The hacktivist collective Anonymous pledged to support protesters in Turkey by attacking "every Internet and communication asset of the Turkish government." Now they've been joined in their fight by another infamous group of hackers, the Syrian Electronic Army

On Wednesday, both groups scored their first significant victories, successfully hacking two different government networks, and getting access to sensitive data pertaining to Turkish officials

Through a phishing attack, Anonymous got its hands on the email accounts, passwords and phone numbers of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his staff, hacking his official website, according to the hacktivists' press release. A government official confirmed the breach to Reuters. Read more...

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