Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Twitter updated its iOS and Android apps on Wednesday by improving the photo uploading experience and making it easier to switch between multiple accounts.

Now when you add an image to tweet from Twitter’s mobile app, you’ll see a full preview of the photo rather than a cropped version. Images are also easier to upload; simply use a button in the bottom right corner of the compose box for a new tweet. When uploading a photo from the camera roll, images appear below the compose window, letting you quickly select your desired image.

When creating a new tweet, your avatar and username will now appear on the page, too. People with several linked Twitter accounts can toggle between the two by simply tapping on the avatar. This feature also makes it easier to quickly check which account you're tweeting from — with a visual verification — so you don't accidentally send out personal tweets from your business account, or vice versa. Read more...

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