Wednesday, 29 May 2013


How'd you like to kick it poolside with Rick Ross? How'd you like to steal Beyonce from Jay-Z? More importantly, how'd you like to hitch a lift on Nicki Minaj's outsized behind like a Rebel Alliance soldier riding a tauntaun?

There is a man, just a regular dude with a "regular 9-5 sales job in Kansas City," who's done all that and more. Oh, and he's become a mini Interent celebrity in his own right for doing it. How? By tapping into the combined potential of Photoshop, Instagram and Twitter

"PeejeT" (he asked that we keep his real name secret) started expertly inserting himself into pop culture scenes several months ago just to entertain himself and a few friends. Since then, however, "it's kind of blown up through the power of social media," he told Mashable. He now has more than 50,000 followers on Instagram and, on Wednesday morning, his work hit the front page of Reddit. Read more...

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