Thursday, 30 May 2013

You might think that a show about mythical creatures would just be good for a laugh, or maybe for indulging in a fantasy about how awesome it would be if there were weirdly beautiful almost-people living in the ocean. And you’d be right. But you would also be correct in assuming that some people believe everything they see on television, and therefore a show about mermaids has become Animal Planet’s most popular event to date.

“Mermaids: The New Evidence” brought in 3.6 million viewers last Sunday night, which broke all kinds of ratings records for the network. The show, which was a sequel of sorts to “Mermaids: The Body Found”, showed “video footage” of mermaids in the Greenland Sea and suggested that there was a government cover-up of the creatures. While it was done in a documentary style, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association released a statement to clear up the confusion:

“Mermaids – those half-human, half-fish sirens of the sea – are legendary sea creatures chronicled in maritime cultures since time immemorial. But are mermaids real? No evidence of aquatic humanoids has ever been found.”

Apparently, people really love fake versions of “reality”…which is fairly evident, considering the success of “found footage” type films and the barrage of “reality” shows on television.

“The phenomenon of Mermaids has truly been a watershed – and a watercooler – moment for Animal Planet,” said Animal Planet president Marjorie Kaplan. “These extraordinary television specials have electrified, challenged and entertained television audiences and online fans alike.”


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