Sunday, 2 June 2013

There are rumblings that the person who was voted to the top of Forbes’ “Most Influential Athletes” list may not be playing the sport where all that apparent influence gained notoriety. About that “most influential” thing, Forbes apparently took a page from Maxim when they selected Miley Cyrus as their number one for the 2013 “Hot 100″ list, and selected the athlete who generate the most feedback, whether it was a storm of negativity or not.

Whatever the case, is an athlete still influential when they aren’t playing the sport that made them famous? Sure, it works for Michael Jordan; but then again, he’s, well, Michael “Freaking” Jordan, and while Tebow has enjoyed some success–especially as an amateur–he is no Jordan. Can it work for a player who, while having a firm grip on some true believers (in Tebow’s ability, not religion), may not plying his trade anymore?

Because the rumblings of no more Tebow in the NFL are getting louder.

The initial report that gave even more life to the “No more NFL for Tebow” thing came from people inside his camp:

Even now, after Tebow cleared waivers unclaimed and with members of his camp privately admitting that his NFL run is probably over, the football world remains as divided as ever over him.

Said division comes from Tebow’s oft-discussed throwing motion, which remains as labored as ever–seriously, sometimes when Tebow throws the ball, it reminds me of watching a trebuchet throw a rock across the ravine–and apparently, some teams aren’t interested in the media circus that comes from having Tebow around.

If these rumors come to fruition, there is one person who will extremely disappointed: Chuck Norris.


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