Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Pinterest has just announced a small but potentially useful new feature – the ability to filter search results to locate just your own personal pins.

This feature could be especially useful to high-volume pinners who use their Pinterest account as a sort of depository for everything they want to do, eat, read, watch, buy, etc. in the near future.

“When you type a word into the search bar – like San Francisco, beaches or BBQ – you can filter results by clicking “Just my pins”. We’ll show you everything you’ve pinned with that keyword in the pin description. Be sure to add words in your descriptions that will help you find that pin again,” says Pinterest Software Engineer Hui Xu.

So, not only is Pinterest making it easier to find previous pins, but they’re suggesting that you do some better tagging. If you’re looking to use Pinterest as a recipe book, wish list, or other personal catalog, things have just gotten a lot easier.

Pinterest says that they are currently rolling this out on the web, and it should also appear on mobile soon.


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