Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Kim Zolciak of “Real Housewives Of Atlanta” fame is now pregnant with her fifth child…just nine months after her son was born.

Zolciak, who is married to Atlanta Falcons defensive end Kroy Biermann, also has a 2-year old son and two older daughters from a previous marriage. A friend says she wants to add some more estrogen to the household, however.

“Kim loves being pregnant,” a source said. “She really wants a little girl.”

The reality star never said she was done after son Kash was born; in fact, she said there would probably be more kids in her future even though a few years ago she never would have believed it.

“We’re not done,” she said. “I think we’ll have one more. We’ll see. When people [used to tell me] they had four kids, I’d be like, ‘Four kids! Whoa!’ And now that’s me. Who would’ve thought?”

Luckily for her, she seems to have a body meant for childbearing; the 35-year old tweeted photos of herself doing post-baby workouts last year and was back to her old self.


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