Monday, 3 June 2013

By most accounts, the HTC One is the best Android smartphone to be released this year. It has proven itself with carriers and Google will even be offering a stock Android version of the device later this month. The only holdout in all of this was Verizon, but that will soon change.

Verizon confirmed today that the HTC One will finally be coming to its network this summer. The carrier didn’t offer an exact date, and HTC itself isn’t saying much either. Hopefully that doesn’t mean we’ll have to wait until August to see HTC’s flagship hit Verizon.

As the announcement was made via Twitter, it’s hard to say if the HTC One will go through any changes on its way to Verizon. Some are wondering if HTC will make a stock Android version available on Verizon, but HTC’s official Twitter account would only say that it doesn’t “have additional details to share at this time.”

What’s interesting about all of this, however, is that HTC originally said that the One would not be coming to Verizon. Cult of Android reported back in March that Verizon would instead get a new Droid DNA instead. It’s unclear if those plans were scrapped in favor of the One, or if HTC will be building a new Droid DNA for Verizon.

Regardless, this is good news for Verizon subscribers who up until now had to look on with jealousy as those on other carriers were using the HTC One. Now they too can flaunt a premium Android device not made out of plastic.

[h/t: Cult of Android]


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