Saturday, 1 June 2013

Frances Bean Cobain was approached by the producers of the “Twilight” series to star as Bella, according to her mom, but she turned it down after she read the script and declared it to be sexist.

“When [Frances Bean] was 13 she was offered Twilight — she was offered [the role of] Bella in Twilight,” Courtney Love said. “That’s a true story. Someone just saw a picture of her in a magazine and sent me the script for Twilight and she was like, ‘That’s a sexist, Mormon piece of sh-t!’ She was 13! It would have destroyed her life.”

Indeed, the books and films have gotten quite a bit of backlash for their portrayal of a young girl who is completely dependent on her boyfriend, who tells her frequently that she can’t take care of herself and that he needs to protect her.

Frances Bean has been in the headlines a couple of times recently, after chastising Kendall Jenner on Twitter for complaining about how hard things are.

“Oh shh. There are kids on earth abandoned & homeless who forcibly drink contaminated water because clean water isn’t accessible,” Cobain wrote. “Oh ya, not to mention, CANCER, famine, poverty, draught, disease, natural disasters, Death. F–k, Humans are so self involved.”

Image: Twitter


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