Monday, 27 May 2013

Shop class, that course in high school that was a breeze to get through that you probably didn’t take all that seriously. However, if you were told you would have a chance to end up as talented as Tom Eckert, you might have paid closer attention.

These photos below are actual wood carvings, which double as optical illusions, especially the fabric & high heels. In case you think they’re fake, there’s also a YouTube video below. It’s an interview with Eckert, showing off his techniques, along with some of the finished products in the photos shown as works in progress.

Eckert goes on to say in the film that he’s pleased people want more of his work, and also says he sees his craft as an evolutionary process. I certainly can’t wait to see him top his works below.

Wood Carvings Detailed

Books and Fabric

Paint Brush Wood Carving

Fabric Branch

[H/T: Reddit]


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