Thursday, 30 May 2013


Julian Assange "has become everything he originally, rightly, despised," according to former Wikileaks spokesperson James Ball.

Ball wrote about working for Assange and his decision to leave Wikileaks in an essay posted Thursday in The Daily Beast . The piece comes days after the release of We Steal Secrets, a Wikileaks documentary in which Ball dishes about Assange and working for Wikileaks.

Ball describes Assange as an egomaniac who destroyed Wikileaks by failing to separate the organization from the sex crime allegations made against him as an individual — for example, he says Assange tried to use Wikileaks' cash reserves (limited by financial embargoes) to post bail. Ball says he ultimately decided to leave Wikileaks after Assange and other members tried to make him sign a non-disclosure agreement limiting what he could say about the organization's work. Read more...

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