Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Remember Sonic Xtreme? You probably don’t as it was canceled before it ever came out, and only a few slices of game footage have ever made it online. Even so, it seems that Sega has not forgotten this title as the new Sonic title for Wii U – Sonic Lost World – looks to borrow some elements from the canceled Saturn game.

Sure, the game looks prettier, Sonic has a few new moves, and new enemies; but some of the gameplay shown looks like it was lifted straight out of Sonic Xtreme:

Of course, this is not a bad thing at all. Sonic Xtreme looked amazing, and it’s a shame that we got Sonic Adventure instead of it. Now it looks like Sonic Team is giving the ideas present in Sonic Xtreme another chance in its latest title.

Sonic Lost World will be available exclusively on the Wii U and 3DS later this year.


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