Thursday, 30 May 2013

Holocaust victims around the globe will be receiving funds from Germany after an agreement was reached between Germany’s Ministry of Finance and the Conference on Jewish Material Claims.

While the money won’t erase the horror of what was done to the Jewish people during the Holocaust, it will certainly help those who survived usher in their later years a little more comfortably. Over the next four years, an estimated $1 billion will be spent giving the victims home nursing and social services, medication, clothing, and food.

“We are seeing Germany’s continued commitment to fulfill its historic obligation to Nazi victims,” Stuart Eizenstat, a former United States ambassador and Claims Conference negotiator said. “This ensures that Holocaust survivors, now in their final years, can be confident that we are endeavoring to help them live in dignity, after their early life was filled with indescribable tragedy and trauma. This is all the more impressive since it comes at a time of budget austerity in Germany.”

The ministry said it would also pay a monthly stipend to Jews who survived concentration camps or who lived in hiding under the Nazi regime. As of now, over one third of those receiving restitution are living in Israel.

Over 6 million Jews were murdered under Hitler’s orders.

Image: Wikipedia


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