Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Google announced the launch of the new Google Admin app for Android today, making it easier for Google Apps administrators to control things on the go.

“The Admin app makes it easy for admins to use their Android phone or tablet to accomplish the most common tasks—such as quickly adding or suspending users, resetting passwords, managing group memberships, and directly calling or emailing specific users,” explains Google Apps Product Manager Muzammil Esmail.

Google Apps Admin App

Here are the features listed in the documentation:

  • Create and manage users, reset passwords, edit profiles, upload profile photos, and suspend users

  • Manage groups, add users to groups, edit user roles, list group members

  • Contact Support for Google Apps for Business with Customer and Support PINs

  • Review account activities in the audit log, and filter events by event type or admin/date ranges

The Admin app comes on the heels of the recently redesigned Admin Console, as well as the launch of a new Admin SDK Google made available to developers.

The new app is available in Google Play. It requires API access to be enabled.


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