Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Vermont Telecom made headlines in late April when it announced it would bring Google Fiber-like Internet speeds to its customers for only $35 a month. Now another rural ISP has started to offer gigabit Internet, but at a more expensive cost.

Cedar Falls Utilities, a small city-owned company out of Cedar Falls, Iowa, announced this week that it is the first community in Iowa to offer gigabit Internet service to its customers. It even put together a low-budget video announcing the new Internet option:

CFU’s gigabit offerings is more in line with what we’re seeing in towns like Chattanooga. The city offers gigabit Internet service to residential customers, but the prices ensure that only the well-to-do can afford it. In this case, gigabit Internet with CFU costs $267.50 a month, or $272.50 a month if you live outside of city limits.

Residential customers are getting a steal, however, as gigabit Internet for businesses costs $950 a month. For both residential and business customers, the speed is set at one gigabit down and 500 megabits up. In comparison, Google Fiber offers one gigabit down and up.

Even if the price is ridiculously high, it’s still a good sign to see more local ISPs offering gigabit Internet. The trend may soon force the hands of the major ISPs to start offering faster Internet services. Let’s just hope they don’t exploit their customers by charging ridiculous prices. Knowing ISPs, that’s probably not going to happen though.


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