Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Windows PCs are expensive. Well, at least the good ones are. Microsoft wants to make it a little easier on the poor college student with a new program called “Chip In.”

Chip In is a new crowdfunding platform where a prospective Windows PC buyer can invite their friends and family to pay for the new PC. Think of like Kickstarter where the end result is you getting a new PC after enough people back it.

In an obvious bid to get more people to buy Windows PCs, Microsoft contributes the first 10 percent of the total cost for the computer. After that, prospective buyers must beg and plead friends on Facebook to contribute random amounts of money to your fund. After funding is successful, Microsoft will ship off the PC to you.

Of course, there are some caveats here. The first is that all the PCs are equipped with Windows 8. The second is that you’re stuck with the limited selection of PCs Microsoft offers on its Web site. That means that you’re not going to get some super powerful PC out of this. In fact, the most expensive PC on the list is the mid-range Sony VIAO all-in-one for $1169. Oh, and they’re all touch screens as well if that’s going to bother you.

Oh, and all of these Windows 8 PCs come with equipped with Office 365 University. College students get three months of the service for free and only have to pay $1.67 a month for it afterwards.

Still, this is kind of a cool idea. College students, and poor people in general, are always wanting new PCs. Surely you have a few hundred Facebook friends willing to toss $5 your way for a new PC. It’s not a bad deal at all if you’re willing to put up with mid-range Windows 8 PCs.


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