Monday, 3 June 2013

Our family was on vacation in Florida when we decided to give karaoke a try at a local restaurant. We had seen the sign numerous times and expected to see a single senior citizen running a small karaoke machine with a handful of people singing the "oldies." In reality, we found a packed house and a professional DJ facilitating a night of entertainment that was well above our expectations.

My family, Cole (8 years old), Tess (6 years old), Ami (my wife and I won't disclose her age) and I could not even find a place to sit down because of the crowd. When finally seated, we started to fill out the forms to designate the songs we were going to sing. As I continued to observe the proceedings, I noticed that none of the other participants were using the forms but bringing up their own music? Not only that, they weren't just good but excellent performers. We quickly realized that this karaoke night was for retired entertainers and the other participants exceeded our expectations and abilities!

I nonchalantly slipped my form with the song I was going to sing into my pocket. Tess already determined that she had no inkling to get in front of the audience and sing but quickly noticed that I was chickening out. For the record, I was going to sing the old Tammy Wynette hit, "Sometimes it's Hard to be a Woman" and I am sure I would have been great.



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