Sunday, 2 June 2013

Remember that $590 million Powerball jackpot that everyone was going crazy over? Remember that there was only one winning ticket, which was sold in Zephyrhills, Florida? Well, it seems no one wants to claim that big pile of money the winning ticket entitles them to. While the nation has moved on–well, until the winner reveals themselves (if/when)–the town where the winning ticket came from is in somewhat of a tizzy about the fact that the winner has remained silent. This, of course, has brought up a number of different questions and rumors about the winner’s identity.

The latest, according to, is that a young woman is the owner of the life-changing ticket. What she’s waiting on is nobody’s guess, but then again, the story about the young lady is, in and of itself a rumor, which means no one–perhaps not even the actual Powerball winner, especially if they lost/threw away the ticket before they realized its value–has no idea what’s going on. Nevertheless, speculation continues in the Tampa suburb:

“I’ve heard rumors that it’s a young lady that works at Walmart. That’s all I know.” Said Bob Christian.

“I heard it was a young girl that worked at Walmart,” repeated Charlene Inesso.

In fact, multiple people in Zephyrhills told 10 News they heard the same thing. However, officials at the Florida Lottery say they have yet to hear from the winner.

“We’ve heard a lot of rumors like everybody else, but we’ve had no calls to the lottery from anyone claiming to be the winner,” said lottery Deputy Secretary David Bishop.

With that in mind, what’s the most likely scenario? The winner threw the ticket away, thinking they weren’t going to win and has no idea they are, in fact, entitled to millions of dollars? The winning ticket holder is laying low, waiting for the storm to pass by? Of course, if that is the approach, they are only prolonging the inevitable “The Winner Has Revealed Themselves” stories that will undoubtedly follow, provided a claim is ever made.


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