Monday, 3 June 2013

Beware what you post on Facebook, as harassment most certainly exists inside the social network’s big blue walls.

19-year-old Peter Murphy is learning that the hard way. He’s been hit with multiple harassment charges (misdemeanors) after creating a Facebook page that logged and chronicled the sexual habits of women and girls in the Newark, New Jersey area.

The page, called “Exposing Easton Hoes,” featured photos of local women, complete with descriptions of their sexual activities and often links to their actual Facebook profiles. Murphy claimed that people sent him information on the various women, and all he had to do was post it on the page. In early questioning, Murphy admitted that he set up the page as revenge, having been featured on a similar-style Facebook page before.

The page was shut down in March after gaining over 1,500 likes.

As is the case with many cases involving criminal activity on Facebook these days, police asked Facebook to provide info on the page’s creator. They eventually tracked Murphy down based on an IP address linked to his mother’s house.

“It’s a lesson learned; that’s something he knows he won’t be doing again, ever,” his mother said. “If he has a comment about someone, he’ll keep it to himself.”

Ouch. Momma smackdown.

Murphy won’t have to go far – he’s already in jail on an unrelated burglary charge.

[ via LehighValleyLive]


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