Tuesday, 4 June 2013

CBS 3 anchor Nicole Brewer and weatherwoman Carol Erickson despise each other – at least that’s what it looks like on camera. YouTube user AmazingLife247 compiled this supercut of some cringeworthy moments between the two Philly newswomen. What you’re about to see may just be among the most catty exchanges between professionals on live TV that you’ll ever see.

Ouch, right? Almost too painful to watch. The rivalry seems legit, but as some YouTube commenters point out – it also seems like it could be two friends making banter for comedy’s sake. The Philly Post has suggested that this may be the case.

Was the video taken out of context? Here’s what Kyle Scott at Crossing Broad has to say:

Thing is (and I actually think this is quite obvious in the video), it was all taken way out of context. Several folks at CBS tell me that former Miss Pennsylvania Nicole Brewer and Carol Erickson are actually good friends and that this is all part of the ongoing on-air banter between the two.

They do seem rather chummy in some tweets:

What do you think? Cringeworthy news-fight or clips taken out of context?


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