Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Domino’s is pretty far out there as far as marketing goes, and that’s what makes the chain so cool. It was one of the first to really embrace online ordering, and now it’s starting to embrace alternative forms of delivery.

NBC News reports that Domino’s and creative agency T + Biscuits recently performed a pizza delivery run via drone. The drone is dubbed the “DomiCopter” and it may one day change pizza delivery. In the test below, the drone traveled four miles in 10 minutes.

Something like this wouldn’t fly in the U.S., but it’s legal in the UK as long as the drone is no more than 126 meters off the ground. The only legal hurdle was that the company had to get permission to fly over the land you see in the video.

This isn’t the first time pizza has been delivered via drone as a German university students pulled the same stunt last year. Pizza isn’t the only food to be delivered via drone either as TacoCopter captured the nation’s imagination last year when a student tested the idea of delivered tacos via drones to hungry customers in the Bay Area.

Unfortunately for all of the above, air space regulations make the wide use of drone based delivery almost impossible. Drones are still a very new technology, and the regulations in place don’t play very nice with them. It will still be a while before we look to the sky, instead of our driveway, for our next pizza delivery.


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