Wednesday, 5 June 2013


You've probably heard a plethora of screaming goats, but now here's Cody the screaming dog, putting them all to shame. At first we thought this couldn't be real, but this happy pup seems to delight in making the most human-sounding noises we've ever heard coming out of the mouth of a dog.

Encouraged to vocalize by his nurturing master, Cody's howling instinct kicks into high gear, emitting a noise that will wake the dead and scare the neighbors. Be sure to warn them no one is in distress here — it's just Cody, the screaming dog.

Is Cody suffering? Judging from his tail that's obviously in continuous wagging mode, no. As a dog owner who was once lucky enough to be friends with a dog who instinctively howled when hearing the sound of a harmonica, I often wondered if dogs' howling was a sign of ear pain. But my dog seemed to delight in the harmonica sessions, and he'd be demonstrably disappointed when I'd put the harp back in my pocket Read more...

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