Monday, 27 May 2013

The ceremony itself was no more than 20 minutes long and took place nearly six years ago, but Ami Neiberger-Miller remembers it as if it happened yesterday.

It was Aug. 16, 2007, 10 days after her 22-year-old brother, Christopher, had died from an IED blast while on patrol in Iraq. His body had been transferred to Section 60 of Arlington National Cemetery, an area reserved for soldiers who die in Afghanistan and Iraq. He was to receive a burial with military honors for his service.

"It was relatively short. There were prayers, volleys were fired and the service members folded the flag and presented it to the family. The family received the flag and there was taps," Neiberger-Miller, who lives in Purcellville, Va., recalled. "It lasted less than a minute, but those notes were incredibly powerful. It went to the core of our emotions and stuck with us."


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